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Cone Head Soft Hackle Streamer White

Cone Head Soft Hackle Streamer White

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Cone Head White Soft Hackle streamer is one of our most popular flies for good reason. It's tied with premium marabou.

The marabou also provides a lifelike movement that entices fish to strike. The cone head design not only adds weight for faster sinking, but it also creates a jigging action that mimics the movement of baitfish. This fly is versatile and can be used in various fishing situations, from still water to fast-moving rivers. The combination of the soft marabou and cone head makes the Cone Head Soft Hackle streamer a must-have in any angler's fly box.

Cone Head soft hackle streamer details:

 *Tied on a Daichi 4X long hook 

 *Approximately 2 1/4" long

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