Drift Trips-Trout & Salmon

  Drifting the Connecticut River & Androscoggin River.

Experience Fly Fishing at Its Best in Northern New Hampshire and Vermont. No matter what your preferred species is, we've got you covered – whether it's trout, bass, or northern pike.
Our fly fishing guide service and fly shop offer the perfect combination for an unforgettable outing. Join us for drift or wade trips that will let you make the most of your fly fishing adventure. Our guiding services cover a variety of waters, including the Upper Connecticut River from Pittsburg New Hampshire to Lancaster and Androscoggin River.
The Connecticut river in northern New Hampshire offers over 30 miles of Prime trout habitat for drifting. This gives us many options on where we will spend the day. With Murphy dam in Pittsburg NH being a tail water dam the temps stay between 58-63 degrees through out our season. Creating idea trout (Rainbows, Browns and Rainbows) fishing  through out the season.
 Majority of our drifts we will be fishing out of a Stealth craft 15’ hard bottom drift boat. These sections of the Connecticut river are a little slower meandering through farm fields. The sections can be great for dry flies.

The upper reaches of the drifts are a little more gradient so we use a 14 foot Stealth Craft hooligan raft.



Drifting the Connecticut River
Rainbow Upper Connecticut River Pittsburg
Guide Service Rates               1 Angler  2 Anglers
        Full Day Drift                   $500           $500
        1/2 Day Drift                   $375           $375
        Full Day Wade                $300           $425
        1/2 Day Wade                $250           $275
        Full Day Pike Drift.                  $500 
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