Pike Fishing

Fly Fishing For Northern Pike In New Hampshire and Vermont. 

 Pike fishing in northern New Hampshire and Vermont sounds like an exhilarating experience for fly anglers like yourself. If you enjoy casting 5-8" flies with 8-weight rods, you're in for a treat.

In the spring, pike fishing usually starts around mid-April, right after the ice out. This season continues throughout early June, as the pike are just finishing up spawning and actively searching for prey. It's a great time to test your skills and witness the excitement of pike taking your fly.

If you're looking to extend your fly fishing season, fall is another excellent time for fly fishing for Northern pike. Starting from mid-October through late November, as the water temperatures drop, you'll find northern pike back in the shallow bays, feeding heavily. This period presents another opportunity to enjoy the thrill of fly fishing for pike.

Overall, spring and fall offer prime conditions for fly anglers to target pike. The sight of a 30" pike taking your fly is truly unforgettable. I hope you have a fantastic time exploring the pike fishing opportunities in northern New Hampshire and Vermont!

If you're new to Pike fishing, it's recommended to hire a guide who knows the local waters and can provide valuable tips and techniques.

STRIP SET: I cannot emphasize this enough!!
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