Student Guided Trip Giveaway

Student Guided Trip Giveaway

Student Guided Trip Giveaway

After witnessing the excitement and interest displayed by the children during our fly tying demonstrations, I have decided to donate a guided trip to one fortunate student.

I have been passionately involved in fly fishing and fly tying since I was 10 years old, and the memory of catching my first fish using a fly that I tied remains vivid in my mind. As I reflect on that special day, I am inspired to share that incredible experience with others. My hope is that by exposing them to the joys of fly fishing, they too may develop a lifelong passion fly fishing

If you happen to know a student who has a deep love for nature and fishing, I encourage you to urge them to participate in this exciting opportunity. Together, let's get them out on the water and create unforgettable memory for them.

To be eligible for this giveaway, we kindly request that students submit a few paragraphs expressing their interest in taking up fly fishing. They can share any prior fishing experiences they've had, or if they're new to fishing altogether, they can tell us what fascinates them the most about the world of fly fishing. We're eager to hear their thoughts and passions!

Please email entries to with the subject line "student guide trip".

Any student between the ages of 12-15 are encouraged to enter. 

Our day will begin by learning the fundamentals of fly casting and line management. We will cover safe wading techniques and discuss the various types of flies used in fly fishing.

After that, we will make our way to the river and put into practice everything we have just learned. This includes understanding how to read the water to identify where the trout may be located. We will focus on selecting the appropriate fly and making a skillful presentation, hoping to entice the trout with our offering.

The deadline for submissions is April 23rd. Maddie and I will read each entry and announce the winner around April 27th. We can then arrange a date to fish together in the near future, preferably in July or August, in the Pittsburg NH area.

Please note that a parent or guardian must be present on the river.

Fly fishing has had a profound impact on my life, and it would be an honor to pass on this passion to others. Stay tuned for updates on other projects in the works!!

NH Trout Unlimited has Youth Trout Camp that I would strongly suggest they apply for. 

Please help spread the word by sharing, liking, and commenting. Thank you!   

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